Fire Alarm Systems

Install/ Service/ Design

At Ace Technologies, it is our mission to keep your facility, employees, and customers safe. We excel in Life Safety Systems, from Fire Alarm to Mass Notification. We have extensive experience in the healthcare, industrial, education, and correctional environments. Our qualified service technicians and estimators have knowledge of NFPA guidelines and industry best practices. Whether you have a faulty system in need of repair, a custom integrated system design, or an upgrade on your current system, we will work with our customers to give them the best solution. We will respond to all calls within 24 hours, no matter where you are in the State of Georgia or North Florida.

Fire Alarm Systems

Testing and Inspection

We have a team dedicated to annual testing and inspection. We will work with you to get it all scheduled, with the Fire Alarm System, Sprinkler System, and Extinguishers. You can rest assured that when JCAHO, CMS, DNV, or AHJ come into your facility, we will provide you with a record of every life safety device, from the smoke detectors, kitchen hoods, to the fire extinguishers. We will make sure that you keep them up to code or make you aware when there is an issue so that it can be repaired in a timely fashion.

Nurse-Call Systems

We install a modular Nurse-Call system that can integrate with your current devices and applications. We offer everything, from a total nurse-call system to a system integration. We will work with your budget to customize a system that is fit for your facility. When your staff member is responding to the call, we can help streamline your processes. We can give you more value in your investment with improved documentation as information is taken at the bedside, applications that are accessible, clinicians that are well-informed, and portal to patient records. This system will allow you to track your response time so that you can improve it, give better patient care, and increase your HCAHPS scores.

Security Systems

Access Control

Have you ever looked for a solution to control access to certain areas of your organization? Maybe you want to stop unrestricted foot traffic through your front door or maybe you have a confidential area of your building that only certain people need access too. We can help you with that. We offer top of the line access control solutions that can be integrated with other building security features from concept-to-application allowing you peace of mind.

Security Systems

Security Cameras

In today’s world, security cameras are standard in all business from small to large. There is no better way to protect your organization than with closed circuit television. We offer a broad selection of high-resolution IP and analog cameras for all types of environments and elements. If you want night vision, we got it, panoramic, we got it, fish-eye, we got it, explosion proof, we go it. Not only can we install and service these devices, we can also design a custom-built solution for your organization to get the best return on your investment.

Telecom & Networking

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and we can help you keep up. Whether you need a complicated network infrastructure, end to end cabling solutions, or fiber optics installation, we can help you with that. Our team of technicians is skilled in IT solutions and programs. Ace can create an innovative solution to fit your business needs from telecommunications to computer services. When you use Ace for your IT services, you have a one stop shop for all of your IT solution needs.

Audio-visual (AV) Systems

Audio-visual (AV) systems are a vital piece of production in a business, educational setting, or religious organization. By using media that possesses both sound and audio, you can increase the effect of your message
and the buy-in of your attendees. We can custom build solutions to fit the
size and need of your organization and our team of qualified technicians
will install the system, allowing a one-stop solution from concept to